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"magic is dangerousit always comes with a price. i’ve seen magic, i come from another landa land where magic is everywhere. it isn’t what you think. magic is the reason i left. i lost everything because of it. magic destroyed my family.”

remembering nealfire week | day 1 - favorite episode: 2x14 mahattan

Remembering Nealfire Week; Day 1 - Favourite Episode

2x14 “Manhattan”

"Every night, for more years than you could know, the last thing I see before I sleep is the image of you, you and me, over that pit, your hand wrapped around mine. And then you open your grip. And as I fall away, all I can see is your face. Choosing all this crap over me. Letting me go. Now it’s my turn. Now I’m letting you go." 

hummingbirds-and-champagne asked: I confess, I share your position as someone who hasn't read the books, but from what I've read, a big part of the criticism of the adaptation of the J/C scene (besides the point of it being consensual in the books) is that this is also part of a trend to add unnecessary sexual violence to a series that already overflows with it. In the books, the rape culture of Westeros is incredibly prevalent so to add even more (and take away from characterization in the process) is an issue.

I can understand that for sure, especially since the scene turned from Cersei’s grieving to Jaime’s manpain.  Bleh.  

I think what just rubs me the wrong way about it is I don’t remember fans being this aghast over the early sexual encounters between Drogo and Dany in season 1.  Maybe I’m wrong, maybe there was outcry and I just missed it.  But I see gifsets every day of what a beautiful romantic couple they were (hell, my wife and I call each other “my sun and stars” and “moon of my life”), and yet what Drogo did to Dany in the beginning was also pretty much assault.  Rape.  

And that was also in the books.  Yes, it ended with Dany taking control of the bedroom, but there were plenty of scenes before that where consent was not given.  


Still can’t watch ouat after they killed off Neal. His death still hurts and CS rubbed in my face will not do. Rubbing salt in a wound. Cruel. Ouat was my salvation during glee season 4. Who would’ve thought it will fall so hard the next season. Who else completely stopped after he died?

I stopped.  I almost watched this episode because I love Jane Espenson and I’d love to see Belle telling off Regina.  

But I’m not over Neal’s death and Captain Swan upsets me too much to even swallow through it for the Rumbelle.  

somberlily asked: This is me responding, ignorant to your GOT knowledge, so forgive me. I think people, such as myself, are annoyed is because in the book that scene between Jamie and Cersei is 100% consensual. It wasn't supposed to be anywhere near to what happened, it was Cersei looking for comfort in her grief. Not Jamie forcing himself upon her.

Ah, I see.  I can understand that.  

I haven’t read the books (just the first one) so I’m less upset about it.  It was certainly disturbing.  But I didn’t find it a major deviance from the characterization.  


I see a lot of people really upset about Jaime basically raping Cersei.  

I’m kinda numb to it myself, because I can’t tell if the directors/writers were trying to show it as a genuine sexual assault scene, or something in the vein of Rhett Butler scooping Scarlett up and carrying her up the stairs.  If the latter, they did it very badly.

I saw that tumblr quote of the directors saying it “started as nonconsent and devolved into consent” or something.  Eh…. 

I think I’m a little less fazed towards this because I don’t remember as many people being upset during Dany and Drogo’s early sexual encounters—those were extremely rapey too.  

And if you’ll recall, those “started as nonconsent and devolved into consent”.


Arya:  That’s right, bitch, I just got us a roof over our heads and rabbit stew.  Suck it.

Well then.

That escalated quickly.

Seemed kinda…rapey.  Just a tad.  

And dude, your dead son is like right there.  Fucking weird.

She says, to the twins that are doing each other…

Whoa, there, Jaime.

You should maybe not grab her like that.